Smart Energy Savings Program - Public Commitment

Queensland Tissue Products is committed to reduce greenhouse gas emission and power consumption. Queensland Tissue Products is a registered participating business in the Queensland Government’s Smart Energy Savings Program under the Clean Energy Act 2008. A level 2 Energy Audit for Queensland Tissue Products was conducted for the period July 2010 to June 2011 in accordance with AS 3598:2000. An energy savings plan was developed after the Audit. The key measures of energy saving are as follows:

    Energy Efficiency

  1. Replace conventional Hi-bay light with next-generation Induction Lights.
    The induction lights are more efficient and last longer. Queensland Tissue Products is going to install 200 new lights. That will save up to 1300kWh annually.
  2. Energy Conservation

  3. Upgrade the boiler systems to gain a more efficient use of natural gas to produce steam.
    Over half of gas energy is used to produce steam. The enhanced system costs less energy to turn water into steam.
  4. Energy Management

  5. Complete the installation of ION metering system.
    ION metering system is for reviewing and analysing power consumption via real time or historic data. It helps Queensland Tissue Products to identify unusual loads and quantify further energy saving opportunities.
  6. Main load circuit breakers modernisation program.
    This program is scheduled to replace the old circuit breakers in critical locations for optimised system reliability.
  7. Systematic Motor management program.
    A new motor management program is to be implemented to minimise the motor damage & maintenance and introduce high efficiency motors where feasible.