By recycling paper alone, we can have a significant affect on deforestation, pollution levels and energy consumption. For example, QTP uses 15,000 tonnes of recycled paper per annum, which saves approximately:

182,000 per annum
35,000 barrels of oil per annum
433 million litres of water per annum
574,000 kw/hour of electricity per annum
56,000 cubic metres of landfill per annum

By using Queensland Tissue Products, and increasing our use of recycled products generally, we can help make a difference to our environment. Other Australian tissue paper companies offer some recycled products, but these usually only contain a percentage of recycled material.

Still others boast products made from plantation timber. While this is undoubtedly better than using virgin fibre, there are still some issues with plantation wood that have yet to be adequately addressed, including generic engineering; toxic pollution of soil; groundwater and the ocean; chlorine bleaching; clearance of native bush and effects on biodiversity and fertility.(vi) Until these issues are addressed, the best way to help our environment is to increase our use of recycled products like Softex and Earthcare.

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