Our Recycled Tissue
Manufacturing Process

Our advanced paper recycling plant in Brisbane,
has the capacity to produce 20,000 tonnes of hygienic, soft recycled tissue from high quality waste paper every year.

At every stage of the manufacturing process, we use environmentally responsible techniques and all our raw materials are either recycled or approved by the world’s leading sustainable forestry certification authorities.

We start the recycling process by mixing waste paper with water to create wet pulp. This is then passed through a series of screens and separators to remove any impurities.

Next our revolutionary de-inking process does away with the need for bleaching. This enables all wastewater in the mill to be recycled.

Then specialised rollers remove moisture from the reclaimed paper fibre to form a single, continuous sheet of recycled tissue paper.

Finally the recycled paper is wound onto large reels before being rewound into smaller reels to make the consumer product.

The small amount of waste generated from our plant is sufficiently eco-friendly to be used as garden compost.